Need a break? Here are 6 ways you can treat yourself right now

Is it just me or has the day just dragged on and on? Whether you’ve finished a long shift at work, or you’re still smarting from being up with the kids since 5 am, sometimes we all need a little break to lift our mood and help us feel like the whole day wasn’t wasted in a fog of fatigue. Treating yourself comes in many forms, from a weekend retreat at a spa to getting your hair done, or even having your teeth whitened (check out Weybridge Dental for the latest in cosmetic dentistry), but did you know that if you want to treat yourself you don’t always have to plan in advance? Or spend a small fortune?

It’s true! Read on for 6 ways you can treat yourself right now. Go on. You deserve it.

Take a nap

Most of us are sleep deprived. Whether that’s from the little ones keeping us up all night, binging on our favourite TV shows into the early hours or just tossing and turning with our minds full of thoughts, worries, and embarrassing moments we had with people ten years ago. If you’re feeling tired, head upstairs or lie on the sofa and close your eyes for ten minutes. If the little ones are napping, then you should take a nap too – all that housework can wait.

Get that hot drink

We’ve all done it. Made ourselves a hot cup of tea or coffee only to get distracted with something and suddenly remember it about an hour later. Stop what you’re doing and treat yourself to a hot drink for a change!


Surveys have shown that most adults wish that they had more time for reading. Many of us buy books with the intention of reading them, but they quickly get forgotten about when life gets in the way. So, find that book you’ve been meaning to start or finish and take in a couple of pages and escape for an hour into someone else’s story.

A decadent treat

That cake that’s sitting on the kitchen counter…go and get yourself a slice. The ice cream in the freezer – get a spoon and dive in. Life is too short to deny yourself something sweet and tasty.

Buy something new

You don’t have to hit the high street anymore to treat yourself to a new top or pair of jeans. See which of your favourite online stores have a sale on and treat yourself to something. A new top, a set of earrings, some new stationery or whatever you have an interest in. As long as it doesn’t harm your finances for the month, there’s no reason not to gift yourself something for a change.

Have a gorgeously hot bath

If the bathroom is free, go and run yourself a nice hot bath. Clear the kid’s toys away from the tub, pour in some bubble bath or bath salts and have a nice hot soak. Your body will thank you!