Wild Cakes – Cute cuddly animals that transform into tasty looking cakes

Wild Cakes are super cute cake collectables that easily transform from cakes into small plush characters by flipping them inside out.

With 12 different Wild Cakes collectables in the range, you are bound to find the one that you think is the sweetest. Each of the Wild Cakes comes in its own Cake shaped packaging and are scented so they cool and smell delicious. Alison loved the meercat whereas Elizabeth loved the bunny the best. I was really impressed with the varieties of shapes available so that they really do look like different cakes.

Transforming your Wild Cakes from cake to cute cuddly character is really simple, just undo the velcro and turn inside out. Initially, the rubber cake outer can be a little bit stiff so putting it inside the plush can be tricky the first few times but this does get easier.

The velcro on the back of the plush seals the cake inside and helps to give your wild cakes a filling. This series of wild cakes are available as the following characters

  • Sweet Puff Sarah
  • Bunny Choco Cake
  • Shortcake Sherman
  • Swirley Shirley
  • Cream Puff Patty
  • Sweet Berry Fin
  • Fruit Tart Timmy
  • Jimmy Swirlin
  • Meercake
  • Brandy Brownie
  • Wild Lemon William
  • E. Claire

Elizabeth loves all of the Wild Cakes characters that we received and would love to collect them all. They are cute, they smell nice and they don’t make a mess. I even love the fact that she wants to keep the packaging to store her Wild Cakes in so there wasn’t very much rubbish either.

Wild Cakes are on sale for around £9.99 each which is a little bit expensive but you can usually find them cheaper if you look. These would make great birthday gifts for class mates.