Mums, what should be in your winter handbag?

It is a sad day when I admit defeat and remove the sunglasses, sun cream and a few sad seashells from the bottom of my handbag and start to prepare for winter  but this is the time of year where what is in your handbag can really make a difference to your families well being  so being prepared will make all of the difference. 

This is a picture of what I consider my Winter Handbag essentials, although my gloves are missing from this as they are currently on the radiator after using them this morning in the rain. 

It seems that I am not the only one who repacks their handbags for winter as I asked a selection of other bloggers what they put in theirs. My favourite answer was a hip flask of mulled wine but I am not sure she was being serious. 

To help break down what you might need, I have put things into categories.

Handbag Heroes – medicines

Being a Mum doesn’t stop because you are ill so this is for you as much as your little one. 

*Paracetamol or Ibuprofen
*Cough sweets
*Calpol Sachets
*Cold and Flu tablets

I also pack hand cream to help soothe dry and cracked skin caused by cold temperatures. 

Handbag Hygiene

Cold and Flu germs are everywhere and usually dripping from our own children’s noses so my handbag hygiene kit really comes in handy.

*Hand Sanitiser
*Tissues – various designs to keep kids happy
*Plasters – kept in this fantastic Elastoplast tin to keep them all together and easy to find
*Olbas oil
*Hair bands to tie hair up and keep lice out
*Handy pack of wet wipes – suitable for surfaces, hands, face and everything else 

Also deodorant and spare tampons because they should always be in my handbag. 

Handbag Weather essentials

Now this is where my gloves should be but I always carry the following during winter

* Small Collapsible Umbrella
*Reusable hand warmers

Some other ideas include

Notepad and pencils to keep the kids occupied – Anya from Older Single Mum

A hairbrush or comb and in the car a change of shoes and socks – Vicky from A Mum Inspired

My bag contains Chanel lipstick but also sanitiser, wipes, pencils, sharpener, pad, plasters, Savlon, gloves, Lego figure, tissues, snack, sachets of calpol and ibuprofen – Vanessa from HPMCQ

 I carry a couple of emergency snacks, I have a makeup bag which contain tampon, sanitary towel, painkillers, hand sanitiser, handcream, tissue, wipes and a cuts and grazes first aid kit. Plus wallet, keys, phone, diary, pen and reusable shopping bag. – Kelly from Domestic Goddesque

Tea tree oil. Whenever I come across someone full of a cold I use it as perfume to kill the germs before they get inside! – Helen from Actually Mummy

What is in your handbag this winter?

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  1. It is said that the way you hold your handbag speaks much about your personality, temperament and the mood of the moment. Whether you carry your cross-body bag in front of the body thus spitting out your feeling shy or wear your tote in the crook of elbow thus declaring status and position being your priorities, My bag contains Chanel lipstick but also sanitizer, wipes, pencils, sharpener, pad tampon, sanitary towel, painkillers, hand sanitizer, hand cream, tissue,etc….

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