Mother and Daughter hair cuts with Little Bigheads

Unfortunately, a visit to the hairdressers is usually low down on my list of priorities but when I got the opportunity to visit Little Bigheads in Bramhall I jumped at the chance. Not only was I invited to have my hair cut but also to take both of the girls to go and have theirs done too.

I had never visited a children’s hair salon before but I had an idea of what one looked like in my mind from seeing them on tv. I expected plastic chairs shaped like cars, lots of noisy toys and irritating kids music however I was very pleasantly surprised.

The Little Bigheads salon featured a spacious playroom with lots of imagination toys including some fabulous wooden ones. The chairs were specially designed child-sized seats that made sure they were at the right height and comfortable. Each seat had its own mini DVD player and a selection of DVDs to choose from to keep the children still and happy whilst they had their hair cuts.

I popped along to the salon during the day whilst the girls were at school to have my hair cut and I have to say it is the first time I have been really happy with a cut in a long time. I have always been very serious in looking after my hair. I have found a few natural hair products at and swear by using natural products. There are very few instances where one failed me, but their effects usually are very reversible as compared to that of over-the-counter products.

Elizabeth was the first out of the girls to have her hair done and she absolutely loved being pampered. Her hair was all different lengths due to how it had grown back and we had only ever had it trimmed before so it was nice to give her a proper cut and style.

Although a complete tomboy she loves her long locks so she was worried that we might cut too much off however she didn’t need to worry. The hairdresser listened to her wishes and kept as much of the length as she could.

Little Bigheads is a fabulous salon for Mums and children and it offers lots of other pampering services such as glitter nails and face art as well as princess parties that I just know both girls would enjoy.