Making a promise and building a Minion

There is nothing better to do on your birthday than go to Build-a-bear Workshop, or so Elizabeth decided as we left the shop with our boxes in hand.
As it was Elizabeth’s birthday she chose to create a Promise Pet. She got an ipad mini for her birthday present and as soon as she heard that there was an app to go alongside the Promise Pet her mind was made up. Alison couldn’t resist a Minion and chose Kevin to come home with us.
Elizabeth had the choice of four Promise pets and she decided on the black labrador. Personally I wanted the spaniel for its big floppy ears but she wasn’t going to listen to me. She also managed to convince me to get my money out and put not only a sound effect but also a beating heart into her puppy, although I did draw the line when it came to adding a smell.
The accessories for the Promise pets included sleep suits, dresses and hoodies as well as leads and food bowls. Elizabeth selected the pink sleep suit and a bowl of food for her pet.

Next up was Alison with her choice of Minion. It was hard to choose whether she wanted Kevin, Bob or Stuart but she finally decided on Kevin. I think she chose him as he was the biggest and therefore she was getting more. We couldn’t resist adding a silly minion sound box to her Kevin and enjoyed listening to the Bob and Stuart ones too. The sound boxes have classic minion phrases and sounds.

When it came to choosing clothes and accessories Alison went for the traditional dungerees but decided to buy Bobs teddy bear for Kevin. You can also get a banana and Stuarts guitar all of which feature in the new Minions movie. 
As we got to the end we just needed to choose a name and register them. The girls both enjoy this part of the Build-a-bear experience and treasure the certificates that they receive.

We have not had Soot and Kevin in our family for over a week and they have both been well loved and taken with us wherever we go. 

We have just been to the cinema to watch the new Minion movie and it made me realise just how apt this costume was that Alison placed on Kevin earlier this week. I knight you Sir Kevin!

We have always loved Build-a-bear but with the addition of the Promise pets and support app so you can care for them and the Minion Movie characters it has just got better!