Hamleys Top ten toys for Xmas and the ones to watch

Last week we headed along to the Hamleys Christmas Showcase, exactly six months until Christmas and the first of the Christmas events I have lined up in my schedule I was very interested to see what was on offer. 

The Hamleys Christmas Showcase top ten toys are very different to those that normally end up on the Dream Toys list come November but it is always interesting to see what the retailer selects as products they think will do well in their stores. Although not the first retailer to announce a Top Ten list for Christmas this year (Argos announced theirs a few weeks ago) it does seem a bit early for these lists to have any impact on Christmas purchases especially as there are still some major film releases and embargoes in place for certain toys that I know will be hugely popular. 

So here is the top ten toys list from the Hamleys Showcase.

The showcase also highlighted some of the toys to watch out for which included Yummy Nummies, Meccano and Sew Cool which we think are fantastic. 

I asked the girls what their favourite products were out of all of the ones on show and their selections are below. I think Santa can cough up for the Meccano robot, he is a bit out of my price range.