Moshi Monsters Moshlings Series 9 Countdown – Day 3 Wuzzle


Name and Species  Wuzzle the Wandering Wumple

Sage, profound, nomadic.

Mini Bio

These wise little Moshlings have been roaming the world of Moshi, imparting wisdom while searching for somewhere to settle, ever since they fled their mystery homeland following the Great Custard Flood of 99999.5. Most Wandering Wumples carry a magical heart-shaped charm that glows whenever a fellow Wumple is nearby.

Habitat: Here, there and everywhere.

Hokey quotes and nude meditation.

Bustle and fast food.

Rank: 153            
Rarity: Rare

Elizabeth thinks about Wuzzle – ” He is very interesting looking but I don’t like the hat. His charm is lovely and its good that he can find his fellow wumples”