Increased School Hours? Is now the time to home educate?

I have to say Home Education has been on my mind a lot over the last two weeks since a blogger friend of mine Not From Lapland decided that she was going to home educate her children. Heather is the first person I have actually known in real life who is doing this and at first it seemed like a mental thing to do. I mean kids have to go to school right? however as the week has gone on and I watched my kids be miserable as they got dressed and traipsed into school, as I watched Elizabeth struggle with her tiredness from her leukaemia and I watched Alison struggle to leave me and who only ever has accidents at school I started to think about it more and more.

Alison is young. She turns five in September and has been at school for a year and a half. She doesn’t officially need an education until January 2015 yet every day I make her go to school.

Elizabeth is 5. She has grueling chemotherapy treatment, steroids, physical weaknesses and is exhausted yet every day I make her go to school.

I thought that this is what I should be doing as a parent. I thought it was what you had to do. I didn’t realise there was a choice. There are so many opportunities to learn and so much that I can show them and teach them that I know that part of it would work, for now at least. It is actually something that I am seriously considering.

It might affect my work as a blogger but then I could really do with using my time more productively and if I had restricted hours then I would have to do that. There are so many benefits to home educating them such as holidays outside school times, random trips to the beach or park when the weather is nice, no rushing or stressing in the mornings. Days spent at museums, art galleries and sealife centres. Days spent together.

I am still only in the considering phase but it is in the seriously considering part of my brain and the more I read about it the more serious I get. My only concern is when would they go back to school. At which age do I think I won’t be able to handle their education any more? I don’t think I could home school them through High School, I would want them to have the full education system for that. S do I do it until Elizabeth is more able to go to school? Do I carry on past that point? When she is ten? eight?

Have you had any experience of home schooling? I would love to hear your thoughts