How to Check for Mold in a Home: When To Hire a Mold Removal Professional

Any home, regardless of how well maintained it is, can have mold. This situation occurs because some of the factors that lead to the occurrence of mold can be inevitable. There may be lots of mold in your home without your knowledge. If you talk to experts like Aloha Restoration, they will tell you that lots of these tiny plants can be invisible to the naked eye. Therefore, even when your home seems mold-free, you still need to check.

Does your house smell like mold?

Mold has a distinctive smell that cannot be confused with anything else. You should be able to notice a change in the air quality in your home shortly after mold starts growing. You may want to take the time to walk around the house, especially in areas where dampness abounds. Try to sniff in corners and under sinks. If you notice a smell, it is an indication that you have to act fast and find mold removal services.

Have you noticed visible mold?

When mold grows for some time, it forms heaps of white growths, which you can easily see. These heaps may occur in places that you rarely check, according to Aloha Restoration. For instance, mold can grow under your sofas, in the basement, and under items that you rarely move. Because of this factor, you have to spend time checking all these areas. Ensure that you move every item and check every place.

Is your house too humid?

Humidity creates the perfect conditions for the growth of mold. Moisture causes dampness to walls, floors, and other surfaces, and, therefore, these tiny plants will start growing. It may be difficult to know if your house is too humid unless you have a way to test. It’s a good thing that there are gadgets that can be used to measure humidity. In addition to that, you can use a dehumidifier to get the best levels. If the humidity has been high for long, you should start looking for someone to help you apply a mold-killing solution. This application should be easy, especially if your house is not too big.

Has the house sustained water damage?

After water removal, you should expect mold to grow in the house. You may have gotten rid of the water after a flood, snowmelt leakage, or poor plumbing. However, your problem does not stop there. You may notice that there are traces of water left in the walls, especially if there are cracks or holes. Do not ignore the possibility of mold growth. To be on the safe side, find a company like Aloha Restoration to help protect the house from mold just after completing the water removal process. It will save you a lot of trouble.

Have you had mold in your home before?

If you have had mold in your house in the recent past, you should know that the probability of it coming back is high. Mold can sometimes be resistant to some chemicals. In addition, it multiplies quite fast, and therefore, the few spores that were not removed are likely to grow back in large heaps. It can come back quicker than you can imagine. The trick is to carry out the removal process two or three times. Aloha Restoration says that when you apply the first removal solution, it may not be enough, but a second application after a few days will wipe out the remaining sediments.

Are there mold outbreaks in your neighbourhood

may not have mold in your home, but if they are in your neighbourhood, you are not safe either. These things often spread by wind, human action, and many other agents. A simple visit to your friend’s home could leave you coming to your house with a little bit of mold, which will multiply when it finds suitable conditions. Therefore, if you interact with your neighbours often and there is mold in their homes, do not sit down or touch anything. Check your own house regularly, and carry out mold removal whenever you notice any signs.

Have you checked for mold on drywall?

When checking for mold, most people concentrate on floors and damp areas. What they may not know is that this stuff can grow even on drywall. If you inspect closely, you may notice that there are several patches present.

What about the bathroom? A bathroom is one of the parts of the house where you are most likely to find mold. This prevalence is because the area is always moist, so mold thrives there. Some people never notice when mold occurs in bathrooms because they only check the areas that are easily visible. However, if you inspect the edges and sides of your bath tubs, under the sinks, in the corners, and even on the walls, you will notice these things. If you do not thoroughly wash your bathroom often, mold will occur. Be sure to remove it whenever you see it.

Sometimes, removing mold from a house may not require too much work. However, as we found out from Aloha Restoration, there are times when you have to call a contractor. You have to be sure that the mold is removed because if it keeps reappearing, you can be sure that it will cause damage to your house. It is also essential to remove mold if you are going to be away from the house for long because, by the time you come back, it will have grown too much.

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