Me time

Yesteday I had to go on a course for work, I can hear you all moan at the mere thought of it and to be honest so was I. That was until someone on twitter pointed out that this is me time. After that I thought about it in a different way, you see when I left the house to get the train the kids were still in their pyjamas. I managed to get myself up and ready and leave without having to do to much in the way of mummy duties.

I walked to the train station at my pace not a snails pace, after catching my first of two trains I was now at Manchester Picadilly train station. Starbucks time. As I waited for my next train enjoying my large filter coffee from starbucks and reading the local newspaper I received a phone call from hubby. It was 8:25am surely he would be manically trying to get the girls ready? well actually no, he was at school and wanted to know why the gates were not open. Seriously he was at school 35 minutes early and aparently he had been there for the last 10 minutes.

So anyway I continued to enjoy my day (well not the course bit but the journey there and back anyway) until it was time to pick Elizabeth up from school. As I collected her I realised her trousers were on back to front and had been since daddy dressed her that morning and one of the mums said she had to help him work out where to put the dinner money and school fund despite me repeating those instructions atleast 3 times that morning.

So yes I enjoyed my starbucks and my train journeys with no children and I enjoyed not being a mum in the morning but I think it might be quite a while before I will leave hubby to do the school run again.