Bad Mummy

Today I feel like a bad mummy, not because I have done anything wrong, in fact I have done it for the best but as far as Elizabeth is concerned I was a bad Mummy. Today was Injection day!

She was excited about going to the doctors as she loves the doctors surgery, she loves the nurse, she was very brave and sat nicely for injection number one with no noise or wincing, injection number 2 however was a completely different experience. It hurt a lot for a long time, in fact when she went to bed still whinging about how much her arm hurt.

It was quite a weird day actually because on the way to school we saw a mum SHOUTING really loud at her daughter (4ish) because she was crying. Elizabeth asked why the mummy was shouting and said “mummy you never shout at me like that”. Then on the way to the doctors Elizabeth saw a Mum hit her little boy (2ish) and I dont mean tap him I mean really hit him and he really screamed. Elizabeth turned to me and said “Mummy you would never hit me or hurt me like that would you?”

So I have gone from the lovely non shouty non hitting mummy to the evil mummy who doesnt deserve cuddles or to put her to bed because the evil nurse hurt her arm whilst mummy held her