Christmas Trees, do you have a ritual?

This year hubby has decided that he wants a real tree, ok I can see the loveliness and family spirit of going and choosing one together and all the other romantic stuff that you see in films but hubby is also a clean freak so I cant help thinking he is going to stress himself out over all the pine needles.

I have never had a real tree so I decided to read up on it and you shouldnt really get one until about 2 weeks before christmas (unless getting a potted live one). Mmm that seemed a bit late to me and seen as we are at the Tots100 Xmas Party that weekend it would mean buying one the weekend after. So we would not have a tree until the week before christmas.

I decided that we should get a small plastic tree for in the mean time and then it can go in Elizabeths room when we get the real one. Today after school Elizabeth decided to put the tree up. It was the perfect height for her as it is just 4 foot tall. She wanted a rainbox tree so we have been picking up some lovely bright decorations whenever we see them and we got some coloured fairy lights.

So what I want to know is what type of tree do you have? do you put your decorations on in a certain order? Tinsle and lights first or baubles first? Do you have any other christmas decorating rituals?