Mario Kart 8 Blogger challenges – Challenge 1 : Design your own Kart

As Nintendo Family Bloggers we were very excited to receive a special parcel last week that contained Mario Kart 8 and some special blogger challenges.

The first challenge was to design our own karts and as we love Lego we decided that this would be the easiest way we could all create something personal and different.
First up is Alison’s “Super Dude mobile” With a laughing gas rocket, carrot power (drops carrots into the road), a gun, wings to help it fly and a tow crane to drag other cars off the track plus Batman at the wheel this is one kart I don’t want to have to race!
Elizabeth’s kart came next, called the Zoomamatic it has Ice cream flame thrower, cute cuddly toy dropper to block the road and a skipping rope so she can jump over obstacles. Her rider also has magic microphone voice changer which can cause engine failure in other karts.
Next up is Gaming Daddy of Twos “Turbo powered beast”, with turbo the snail providing the engine, a small helicopter tail and wings I reckon we will all be lapping this one on the track! Definitely not the best kart we have seen although I may be biased.
Obviously I was saving the best for last, my “helltastic mean machine” comes with two strategic 1st place missiles that will land you in last place if you get hit, helicopter blades to allow me to fly even further and at the back (not in view on this picture) is my ice cream sprayers that coat the road in slippy slidey ice cream. This well balanced, monster wheeled kart will definitely be the fastest kart on the track and I just wish I could give it a go in the game!
What would your Kart look like?