Elizabeth is kicking cancers bum in the Race for Life

Cancer is a completely and utter c*nt and you never know how bad it is until it affects you. Whether its you personally, a member of your family or a close friend I am sure we all know someone with cancer or who has had cancer.

On 30th August 2012 I was complaining on twitter in the morning about having to take my daughter to A&E for a blood test because my doctors surgery couldn’t do it as she was under 6. That afternoon I was crying into my phone as I typed the dreadful news that she had Leukaemia.

The treatment at the beginning was rough, 35 days in the hospital, a hickmen line inserted into her chest, countless blood transfusions, platelet transfusions, lumber punctures, nasogastric tubes, medicines and chemotherapy. She had xrays, ct scans, MRI scans and ultrasounds. She lost her hair, she lost her energy, she lost her appetite and she lost weight yet the one thing she did not lose was her tenacity. She was cheeky, charming and a handful at all times. She smiled through the worst and fought through everything.
Nearly two years on and although she is still on treatment she is ready to show cancer where to go, she wants to kick cancers butt and make sure it knows she has won.

I was asked by Brioche Pasquier if I would like them to sponsor me to take part in the Race for Life this year and as soon as I mentioned it to Elizabeth she was desperate to join in. So at the end of this month we will be doing it together thanks to Brioche Pasquier who paid for both of us to enter the race and they have added £60 to our fundraising page. Alison has also decided she wants to join us so the three of us will be doing it together!

Knowing that there are a lot of people fundraising at the moment we set our target at £100, a fair amount we thought. I could not believe it when we smashed our target in less than 24 hours. We have now raised over £360 which is just phenomenal.

Elizabeth has always coverted the medals I have received from previous races I have taken part in and I know she will be extremely proud to be given one when she finishes. She is already proud of her running outfit that I bought from the Race for Life website and she can not wait to show cancer who is the boss, she wants to kick cancers butt, she is going to beat it and she wants everyone else to beat it too!

If you could spare a pound to sponsor her then that would be amazing but if you can’t don’t worry she already has the biggest smile on her face just knowing she is taking part and showing cancer that it is losing.