Bricking it about Britmums Live

Ok I know I come across as a confident, outgoing person, I know this because so many people have said it to me. I walk into a room oozing confidence, chatting to anyone and always have a welcome smile for those who look nervous. I mean I run my own conference for goodness sake surely by now I would be able to go to a conference and not feel nervous? Well usually the answer would be yes but earlier this week i was announced as on of the Keynote speakers for Britmums Live.

If you have not been to Britmums before the saturday afternoon keynote is a time for bloggers to read out a post of their own, it might make you laugh, it might make you smile but a hell of a lot of them will make you cry. In fact they make the speaker cry too and if it wasn’t for the readily available tissues I am pretty sure the whole of the brewery would be flooded with bloggers tears before the keynote finished.

As much as I love coming to these conferences I know I will be very nervous when I walk on that stage on Saturday afternoon, the post I am reading is very close to my heart and very emotional to read. I wrote the post last August and although a year has past and things have got a lot better remembering the things we have been through is actually harder than living them was at the time. The post I am reading is Alison’s Idol a poem to Elizabeth on the first anniversary of her diagnosis.

Apart from the obvious dread of speaking in front of everyone I am actually looking forward to it, I always enjoying meeting friends old and new and I love meeting new brands and building new relationships with them. One of the brands I met at Britmums last year is actually my sponsor this year!

Without further ado I would like to introduce you to my sponsor 

We love our current sodastream but we are very excited about the new Play machine that is out soon. I am hoping to be amongst one of the first people to get my hands on this machine and I will be using it to enjoy the summer with a variety of non alcoholic (and alcoholic) cocktails to enjoy in the garden in the sunshine, we are getting sunshine right?

In time for the summer, SodaStream is launching its new affordable drinksmaker SodaStream Play, ideal for making homemade fizzy drinks for all the family.

Minimal by design, and ultra-simple to use, Play is available in four vibrant colours, including white, black, red and yellow, to suit every kitchen worktop. Play is the first machine to feature the new ‘auto-lift’ slider, along with the popular ‘snap-lock’ mechanism, making it quick, simple and easy to use. 
Sodastream are a great brand to work with and I have enjoyed introducing the girls to an iconic brand from my childhood. Alison in particular loves bubbling the water and she always wants to help. We made our own cherry cola flavour fizzy drink using the cherry and diet cola flavour syrups and that has been a firm favourite in our house as has the Dr Pete flavour. Personally I enjoy the mojito flavour with a spot of gin!

I can’t wait to represent them and see you all at Britmums Live 2014, just make sure you have your tissues ready as there will not be a dry eye in sight.