Making use of our Merlin Passes

As if the last week was not busy enough I had promised the girls that we would visit Legoland before we headed back up to Manchester so on Sunday we went over about Lunch time to go on a few rides, have a picnic and enjoy the pirates show. We also managed to catch a puppet show of the princess and the pea which was fantastic and the first time I had watched one of the shows. Add to that the warm weather and the new Duplo Splash zone and the kids had a fantastic day, we even got out of the car park with no queues at half past six which was a miracle.

We started head back up to Manchester on Monday morning and after the girls disappointment when an event at Warwick castle was rearranged for a day we couldnt go they managed to convince me to stop there for a few hours.

We didnt have a chance to see even a quarter of what was on offer but after looking in the Great Hall and walking through the Kingmaker exhibition we headed up the tower to listen to the princess tell us a story. The girls absolutely loved it and we had a great photo of them taken against the green screen, the only problem was that Alison was wearing a green tshirt so her top half seems to have disappeared.