I need a new Lumix

Two days ago a blogging friend of mine decided to make me very jealous. She posted a picture on her facebook page of her new DSLR Camera. OK so it may have been because her other one got broken but the fact she has a DSLR is enough to turn me green with envy although practicality wise I don’t know if I would use one.

I love taking photos with a great camera but I need one that can fit in my pocket or at least in my handbag. I am also really stuck in my ways so I would have to stick to a Panasonic Lumix.

Picturetop – mine. bottom – Elizabeth’s

You see all of the cameras I buy are Lumix ones, even the one I got for Elizabeth for her fifth birthday.

I love a good gadget and am very loyal once I find something I love.

I suppose it is like the android vs iOS discussion. I love android and had an iPhone 5 for a few weeks and I hated it. Well that is how I feel about cameras.

Recently my Lumix DMC-FS35 has started to be a bit tempermental, it is getting old and has sand stuck in the lens. Another blogging friend of mine came to the rescue and sent me a camera that she had lying around at home. Its a Kodak, its alright but its not a Lumix.

I have found I am taking more photo’s with my phone instead of the Kodak in my pocket. I really do need a new Lumix but it is so hard to choose.

When I was at Britmums in June I spent a long time every day drooling over the different camera’s they had on display. My trusty DMC-FS35 looked pale in comparison to some of the features on these new pieces of technology. There was one camera there that really caught my eye. The Panasonic Lumix TZ40.


Not only does it have 2.1 more megapixels that mine at a whopping 18.1 but it also has 20x Optical zoom which compared to my 8x is amazing. I was playing with it a lot, focusing on paving stones or brick work through a nearby window and being amazed at the focus and detail. We were also messing around with the remote control setting which means you can use your mobile phone to take the picture which would be fantastic for family portraits.Add to that the fact you can transfer photos from the camera using Wifi and NFC I will be able to use some of the great pictures on my camera as wallpaper images on my phone and Nexus really quickly and easily. It also records in full HD so I won’t have to carry my video camera with me too.

I was convinced before that this has what I needed and then I saw this clip below which really does make you realise the adaptability of these features, I love the fact the monkey stole the camera whilst in remote control mode.

So for now I am saving up my pennies to pay for this beautiful piece of kit, I hope it doesn’t take too long though.