Countdown 64 – seeing myself in a new light

Ok so I should have got weighed tonight but I decided I will get weighed tomorrow. Thursday is my normal weigh day so getting weighed in the evening rather than my normal morning session will not make too much difference.

Yesterday I shared pictures of myself in a bikini and I was a bit apprehensive about it. I still see myself at the same size I was last year. I don’t look at myself and see the three stone loss instead I see what I still have to lose. The comments I got from friends and readers was fantastic and really made me feel good.

A blogging friend of mine , Ruth from Rock N Roller Baby, who I see quite often mentioned the fact that she didnt realise I had lost that much and I believe it is because I was still wearing the same clothes. She basically ordered me to go and get myself a new smaller wardrobe. So this morning I headed off to Primark. I bought trousers 2 sizes smaller than I wore there and they all fitted! I bought tops 3 sizes smaller that I wore there and one of them is even too big!

If you’re wearing baggy clothes you will look and feel like a sad sack! Get that groove in the way you feel by the way you look which will make you feel better which will make you look better which will make you FEEL better which will… You see where I’m going with this circle! Go on! – Ruth from Rock n Roller Baby

So she was right, I have new bras, new knickers, new trousers, new tops and new confidence! I even deviated from my standard black wardrobe with some bright colours and even some white trousers.

So food wise today I have been good. Breakfast was a rush job of a nectarine and an Alpen light bar, lunch was a slimming world frozen meal from Iceland with added vegetables and dinner consisted of salmon, new potatoes and broccoli. I also had a light and free yogurt for pudding so I felt like I had a treat.

Tomorrow I am off on a school trip but one of the other mums is on slimming world too so we are working together to pack a slimming world picnic to be proud off with homemade syn free houmous, veg sticks and roast chicken.

I will let you know how I get on with the scales tomorrow night, in the mean time I want you to have a think about the fact that we are our own worst enemies and we will always see the worst in ourselves. Sometimes it is hard to believe the compliments but I will start to listen to them from now on.