Lego Family Blogger 2014

Yesterday I received a great parcel from my friends at Lego to welcome me into the Lego Family Blogger programme for 2014. I am so glad that we will be taking part again this year especially after some of the fantastic products I saw at the Toy Fair this year.

Whilst in town today we popped into the Lego Store to have a look at the different ranges currently available and really enjoyed being in a store packed from floor to ceiling with Lego. There was some fabulous creation stations set up with the girls really enjoyed playing with as I looked around at the new ranges available.

The Lego Simpson House was an absolute marvel to behold but the best items were definitely the new Lego Movie sets after all “Everything is Awesome!” Keep an eye out on my review section as I will be reviewing the Lego Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace soon.

Other new ranges that we saw the new Mixels (review also coming soon), Lego Junior and Lego Princesses.

The Mixels are fabulous pocket money creatures from three tribes: Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids. You can watch more  about the Mixels on Cartoon Network.

Lego Junior is a fantastic range that allows kids to move from Duplo to Lego easier. The Lego Junior range includes some larger pieces for doors, walls and other areas providing simpler models that are still asthetically pleasing. Alison loved the look of the Super Heroes range and the Lego Princess range was fantastic. Elizabeth has already requested the Tangled tower and Cinderellas carriage.

I can see this year being full of fun and I cant wait to show you more of the Lego ranges!
By Laura Seaton