How can you modernise your home on a budget?

As the British weather continues to batter the south of the country and regions further north, it would be fair to assume that home-owners and young mothers nationwide have got more on their mind than the decoration of their property. With these austere and inclement conditions set to clear significantly prior to the beginning of March, however, it will not be long until property owners begin to turn their thoughts towards refreshing their home and modernising their living space for the year ahead.

How to Modernise your Home in 3 Simple Steps

Regardless of whether you own a compact, new-build home or a traditional Georgian town house, however, constantly evolving design trends mean that modernising your property is an ongoing and relentless process. With this in mind, what steps can you take to achieve this goal in 2014?: –

Optimise your Properties Exposure to Natural Light

In today’s changeable world of interior design, there is clear drive to create minimalist interiors that optimise floor space and deliver clean and linear lines. In addition to this, design concepts such as frameless glazing have begun to emerge during the last twelve months, as home-owners look to highlight their additional floor space with increased exposure to natural light. This is key trend to follow, as it instantly creates an illusion of space and adds a decidedly contemporary feel to any downstairs living space.

Invest in Natural Oak Furniture and Floor Finishes

On a similar note, sunlight tends to reflect better and make a great aesthetic impression on natural oak finishes and furnishings. This is because the typical shade of natural materials such as oak lend themselves to the brightness of natural light, and contribute towards to cultivation of a spacious and lavish ambience within the home. Another advantage of this type of material and flooring is that it can be sourced for a relatively affordable price, with suppliers such as The Reclaimed Flooring Company boasting a reasonably priced and diverse product range.

Consider the Benefits of Eclectic and Unique Artwork

Just as design trends are liable to change extremely quickly and without warning, so too the world of art and sculpture continues to evolve at a rapid pace. This can actively benefit fashion-conscious home-owners, who have the opportunity to invest in contemporary and trendy pieces that instantly modernise their interior living space. If you are a novice when it comes to art and boast only a rudimentary knowledge of contemporary forms, you may even wish to consider creating your own work and giving this pride of place within your home.