Furniture for families

If you have a young family then when you are buying furniture you have an awful lot of things to consider. From durability to safety and cost to aesthetics there are so many conflicting priorities it can be hard to know where to get started. This guide gives a quick rundown of the best types of furniture to look for when considering each room in the house.


There are already enough hazards for you to worry about in the kitchen without adding more into the mix.  Unless it is absolutely essential keep your kitchen free of all furniture, especially high stools at breakfast bars which are easily climbed up and pulled over. Make sure that kitchen cupboards are smooth and easily wipeable and that all dangerous items are kept well out of harm’s way.

Living Room

The main furniture choice here is the sofa suite as this takes up the majority of the room and will get the most use. When choosing a sofa suite, make sure there will be enough space for everyone to have a seat with a couple spare in case of visitors. Also, take time to really consider the fabric and finish of the sofa, white chenille may not be the best option with a toddler. Instead consider wipe clean surfaces that are hardy and not easily damageable, for example faux leather.

Dining Room

In the dining room the most important furniture choice will be the dining table and chairs where you will eat most of your meals together as a family. Make sure that you chose something that has a timeless design and is made from solid wood so that it will be durable and last a number of years. Fortune Woods have a great range of oak furniture that would fit the bill nicely.

Children’s Bedroom

Here is where you can let your imagination run free. Yes this rooms needs to be safe, as your child may play here alone, but it is also essential that it is stimulating.  Consider shaped or themed furniture in unusual colours that suit your child, the sky really is the limit! If you are unsure how to start planning and designing your child’s room then take a look at these hand guides.

Parents Bedroom

Your bedroom is your haven, the one space in the house that you can claim as your own and not worry too  much about the children as hopefully they won’t be spending much time in here. Make sure that you chose furniture and decor that is luxurious and designed to give a sanctuary feel so that you can recover at the end of each day.