Is it really the end?

Today is a day that I never believed would arrive. I mean we have been counting down to it for the last 115 weeks but I still didn’t quite believe we will get there. 

Today Elizabeth takes her very last dose of oral chemotherapy. It is not the end of the struggles for us or for her but it is definitely the beginning of something. 

On 30th August 2012 I sent this tweet after spending the day in the childrens a&e department awaiting a blood test.

Tired Mummy of Two @tiredmummyoftwo My day just got worse. Blood test shows high white blood cells low platelets. They want to test her bone marrow for Leukemia *worried*

  •  2 years ago
It was that day that changed our lives and there really is no going back. We have all been changed from this experience but I believe we have been changed for the better and I wanted to share with you our journey and show you that no matter how bad life may seem you have to make the most of every day.