Scholl Velvet Smooth Luxury Pedicure Set

I hate people touching my feet which means they get neglected a lot and I have only ever had one pedicure in the past. This was why when I was offered the Scholl Velvet luxury pedicure set I jumped at the chance. The set is packaged up inside a lovely bag which contains the following items

Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi: An electrical hard skin removal device that gives soft, beautiful feet in an instant by effortlessly buffing away hard skin in minutes. The ergonomically shaped soft-touch handle is comfortable to hold, while the specially designed Micralumina head efficiently rotates to file away hard skin
Scholl Velvet Smooth Intense Serum: Designed to provide intense hydration for feet.
Scholl Velvet Smooth Glass Nail File

Scholl Velvet Smooth Cuticle Sticks
Scholl Velvet Smooth Toe Separators

It was really simple to give myself a pedicure using these three steps:
1)    FILE: Gently buff away hard skin on the back, sides and soles of your feet using the Express Pedi.

2)    MOISTURISE: Hydration is key to a long-lasting pedicure. Rejuvenate tired looking skin with the Intense Serum.

3)    SHAPE: Using the nail file for shaping toe nails and removing rough edges. Use  to cuticle sticks to gently push back the cuticle and shape the base of the nail. Finally, put the toe separators between your toes and apply your favourite nail polish.