Five Must-have items that make being a busy mum easier

No one has ever said being a mum is easy, and there are times when it’s extremely very difficult. I’m going to attempt to make things easier for you by sharing some of my top tips so that you can spend more time with your kids and less time stressing over them. Here are the five things I think every mother should have (and use).

1.       Calendar

It doesn’t have to be a wall one, but it does have to be one with a lot of space to write everything down. You have to remember parent’s meetings, football practice, drama rehearsals, haircuts, sports days, appointments, birthday parties… the list is endless. You need to remember all of this and no one, not even a Super Women, can remember all of it without jotting down a few reminders.

2.       Dishwasher

Ah, the queen of the kitchen: the dishwasher. The humble white Beko sat in the corner working her plastic off to make everything clean and shiny for you. Kids like to eat their spaghetti hoops or chocolate sauces fast and furiously, and that means they’re going to make a mess. It’s important that you have some real muscle for washing up those caked-on stains, and I am afraid that the hubby just isn’t good enough.

3.       A Loaded Book Shelf

Books! A house without a full bookshelf is like a body without a soul. Read to your kids. Even if they don’t want you to, read to them! I recommend that you read to your kids every single night. It will form memories you both shall cherish, plus it will instil a love for books that will last a lifetime and continue to bring them tonnes of joy, long into adulthood and beyond.

4.       A Loaded DVD Shelf

Now, we’ve filled their heads with wondrous imagination and beautiful words, it’s time to get a couple of hours of peace. The DVD shelf is perfect for that. Plonk them down in front of Cinderella or Harry Potter and they’ll be quiet for a long time whilst you get a little shuteye on the sofa or a bit of time to finish off that great novel you’ve been reading or the important piece of work with a deadline of last week. DVDs can be your best friend as a parent looking for some peace and quiet, but you should also take the time to enjoy a film with your kids; few things are as delightful as seeing your children’s faces light up during their favourite film.

5.       iPad

Now, I don’t advocate sitting your kids down in front of a tablet or games console and keeping them quiet for hours on end whilst their brains turn to mush, however, there are many educational apps and games available for iPad (and other tablet devices) that can really help a child’s development.

I will repeat: being a parent is not easy, however, it can be much easier with a bit of planning (the calendar!) and some handy items to save you time and earn you a bit of alone time too.