I love VIP Pets


A few weeks ago these gorgeous little puppies came to our house and I have seen one or both of them every day.

I don’t know what it is about girls that makes them want to brush toys hair all day long but with the I Love VIP Pets that is exactly what they do. Each pet has its own personality and matching accessories whether it is Taylor who loves listening to music and doing sports to Gwen the Rock Star puppy who has fashionable stripes in her hair and some super star clips.

The girls fell in love and because one was pink and one blue it was easy for them both to choose which pet they wanted. Personally I love the fact that Taylor is blue. It is not a Girly colour and is coming away from the gender specific colours which is fantastic.

The I Love VIP Pets website http://ilovevippets.com/ is also a great place for the girls to play with games, information and stories to mention just a few of the features.

The dogs are really well made as are the brushes and the only thing that would make it better would be matching accessories for the girls too. Elizabeth wanted to use one of Gwen’s clips but they are a bit to flimsy for that.

There are six VIP Pets available at the moment all with different accessories, colours and personalities. Which one would match you child?