I’m getting Tired


How are you?

Would you like a cup of coffee and a nice sit down?

I am started to get a bit old and worn out so I might not be that comfortable.

I think my best days are past me now.

I remember when I was really loved.

You used to fluff up my pillows and take care not to eat on me.

You used to take your shoes off and now you don’t care.

I used to be somewhere to relax and now I am somewhere to work.

The kids used to fall asleep on me, now they use me as a trampoline.

I have glue on my arm and sweets in my creases.

I have stains and marks that I don’t even want to discuss.

I have seen them through their weaning and their toilet training.

I have seen them exhausted covered in face paint.

I have been there after sunny days at the beach and rainy days at the park.

I have seen the birthday parties come and go with lots of cake crumbs thrown in.

I have had a good life for a sofa really but the kids need something bouncier, Mummy needs something larger and Daddy needs something easier to clean.

I think it is time to say goodbye to me and Hello Sofa to a new friend.

I hope it will look after you and watch you grow like I have. I hope that it will cradle you when you are feeling ill and comfort you when you are feeling sad. I hope that it will support you through your aches and pains and be there for you through many busy days.

Use the money from this to go towards the sofa of your dreams or maybe use it to enjoy another great day out.

I hope you don’t mind that I want to retire but life has been hard for a sofa like me. I have given you my best years but now I need a quiet life with no little shoes jumping on my head.

All the best

Your Sofa