Wreck My Dress

Attending events and seeing things that a normal person would not usually see if one of the biggest highlights of blogging for me. Doing things that money can’t buy and going behind the scenes of some fabulous things. Whether in a new shop, going into a press area at an event or getting a fabulous preview in to something not yet open to the public.

Yesterday saw me going along to Worsley to a very expensive house which is used as a tv and film location as well as the home to the concept I was invited to witness.

I went along to see what the Wreck My Dress experience was all about.

There is no words to really say what they do apart from make dreams come true.

There are a few videos of different films they have made on the Wreck My Dress YouTube channel.

My favourite one is below.

The Wreck My Dress team don’t just create videos, they also do photos as well but their main aim is to make your fantasy a reality.

It was an amazing morning and I just wish I had the money and the artistic inclinations to think of something suitably memorable to turn into one of their masterpieces.