Booked and Ready to go

Just the other day I was writing about cruises and how I hate flying and now this morning I have booked flights for us all.

Ok it is only Paris so I will only be in the air for about an hour each way but surely that is long enough?

We got a confirmation through yesterday that Elizabeth has been granted a two nights stay at Disneyland Paris so all I had to do was book the flights and the travel insurance.

The insurance is a problem. You see my child has cancer so the risk of needing to come back to the UK quickly is quite high. I was looking at the quotes yesterday and it will actually cost more to insure her than it will to fly her out there and back. Ridiculous isn’t it.

Unfortunately having insurance is just one of those things that we have to have to enable us to go on the trip and it would be just my luck if I didn’t get it and something awful would happen.

So for now I have 5 months to think about how to distract myself when we have to take off.

Do you have any tips?