I treated myself


As a blogger I have felt rather inferior at times

You go to an event and all around you people have their Ipads and other tablets, tapping away, blogging on the go. I tried an Ipad last year but unfortunately my blogging platform is Weebly and it runs on flash which meant that the Ipad just wasnt good enough.

I have a Galaxy Nexus phone so my next logically step for a tablet was the Nexus. I don’t like the small tablets though so the 7 inch version wasn’t suitable. I waited and waited and a few weeks ago I saw that they were back in stock on the Google play website. However by the time I went through the checkout process there was none left.

More waiting and checking ensued. I looked at other tablets but nothing came close and then on Friday my dreams came true it was in stock and I managed to order one quickly.

I am already deeply in love with it and I cant see it leaving my side for very long. I look forward to blogging on the road and at the conferences. Now just to hide it before the kids come home from school.