I need a cleaner!

This weekend we had a party, lots of guests and lots of kids. Preparing for a party means endless lists of food and guests and one of the worst things in my life, Cleaning!

I am a clutterer, I put stuff down and pick it up again when I need it. However that could be hours later or weeks later. My husband on the other hand is a tidier. You cant put something down without him moving it from one place to the other. There is never really very much logic to where he puts it and its not like he is actually putting it away he just moves it.

When I put everything away in preparation for the party I realised just how much of a slob I really was. There was dust on the mantlepiece and stains on the carpet. I haven’t really cleaned the house from top to bottom since I stopped childminding when Elizabeth got ill.

I have recently seen bloggers talking about hiring a cleaner and I would love to do that but there is no way I could afford too. Mind you a few more paid posts like this one every couple of weeks and it should be able to stretch my budget to at least cover some decent cleaning appliances. Our hoover is on the way out and we could use a carpet cleaner and a steam cleaner too so that we can do the sofas and curtains.

John Lewis have a great selection and it is one of my favourite online window shopping sites. I always drool over the gadgets they have on sale., just look at this gorgeous cupcake maker. I am not sure why you need a cupcake maker but its pink and it looks good.

I suppose one of the reasons my house is so cluttered is because I love shopping. I love buying stuff in particularly gadgets. I have gadgets of all shapes and sizes and for all sorts of random reasons. I have kitchen appliances that have not been used in the last 12 months. There is only one that I use all the time and its my Slow cooker but I have also been looking at pressure cookers but I wouldnt even know where to start with what to cook in it. I still want one though.

I have a George Foreman grill that hasn’t been used in goodness knows how long as well as a toastie maker that is gathering dust in the back of my cupboard. I had an actifry but I only ever used it for chips and it was massive so I gave that away.

These things always seem like such a great idea but in practice a saucepan or an oven does the job just as well. Do you own any useful gadgets that just dont get used?