9 weeks into my slimming world journey and the effects on my body are amazing, nearly one and a half stone down and I feel comfortable in my clothes again.

I was wearing my biggest jeans and my baggiest tops, I was hiding my body and hiding myself. A new hair cut, my jeans from the back of the wardrobe and hopefully some sunshine soon as well as a huge goal of losing a total of five stone should hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow.

One issue with losing weight is what to do with all my clothes. I am currently sat with my favourite jeans on. A pair of Firetrap jean in a size 18. The issue is they keep falling down, a month ago I couldn’t even do them up. I have loads of clothes in all sorts of sizes many too big and many too small. I wasn’t really sure what to do with them and then I was paid to write this post about Music Magpie who now give you cash for your clothes as well as your dvds, games and cds.

I had heard that you can sell your clothes by the bag full at a few local shops but I hadn’t actually done it as I usually just send the stuff to the local charity shop. Its getting to the point that I can’t afford to do that if I need to replace the items with stuff that fits.

Clothes are not cheap and moving through dress sizes can be an expensive habit especially when the goal is to move through quite a few. By the time June comes along and I am speaking at Britmums I want to be a lot smaller than I am now. It is just over 12 weeks away so if I concentrate I hope I can get down to the three stone loss. That will be the lowest I would have weighed since I moved to Manchester ten years ago.

Twenty two and a half pounds in just over twelve weeks. It doesn’t sound that hard but we all know that the reality is a lot harder. Chocolate, cake, wine and takeaways all claw away at my will power, begging me to divulge in the good things in life.

To reward myself I need something to look after so I was wondering if I should put some money aside for each pound I lose. If I put aside £5 for each pound and I lost all of it I would have over £100 to spend on a new outfit for Britmums. Now that is a great incentive, I wonder what size I will be able to fit in.

This is a paid post.