Looking forward…

UKMums.Tv have set a blogging challenge and it is a good one. Basically we have to write a positive story that will help beat the January blues.

There are so many positives in my life that have occured already this year that I feel that this challenge was written just for me.

From the birth of my tiny nephew to my unbelievable inch loss January has been full of pleasant surprises but what about the rest of the year?

I think the best way to beat the Janaury blues is to look into the future and find all the positive things that you know are going to happen.

I am looking forward to attending my childminder pre-registration briefing and I am also looking forward to half term and the ability to spend some quality time with Elizabeth. We get to see Peppa Pig live in the middle of the half term which is something both girls are looking forward to. We are off to Butlins again for a long weekend and will be going with my mum, stepdad and my little brother. The girls are very excited to be going on holiday with them as they have not done that before. Also booked to see Billy Connelly live which is a dream come true. February will be a great (and very busy) month.

One of my favourite months of the year, all around you get new life and the feelings of beginnings. I am also planning on a pamper weekend away with my mum and other female family members/close friends.

I get one year older, which means time for a party or atleast some form of celebration. We get 2 bank holidays and its school holiday time again. I love the school holidays most people think I am mad but there is a lot more time to do stuff we enjoy when we have the whole week to do it. We are off to see

If the last two years are anything to go by the weather should be getting nice and warm. May is usually the time of year when we go on lots of outings and day trips, Zoos, farms anywhere that we can have some lovely family time.. I also have my 10k run to do this month and am really looking forward to pushing myself to do something I never thought I would be able to do.

More school holidays and Elizabeths 4th birthday, it is always a busy and brilliant time as we have two parties (one north and one south) and a week long trip to Butlins. Billy Bear will help us celebrate Elizabeths birthday in style

So that is the first half of the year to look forward to and I know the rest of it will be just as much fun. What are you looking forward to over the next six months?