Bored with chores

Which Household Cleaning Tasks Do Brits Hate The Most?

Who can deny some sense of satisfaction when surveying a sparklingly clean surface as a result of some energetic scrubbing and a good old bit of elbow grease?

For some, cleaning can be a cathartic and therapeutic experience but there are always tasks which we loathe to complete. A thorough clean of your home can de-clutter your living space and blow away the cobwebs both physically and metaphorically – but what chores do Brits hate the most?

Cleaning the oven

In contrast, it would appear that cleaning the oven is the number one nemesis for the majority of householders. This particular task is both time and labour intensive and in today’s world, time is often the one commodity in short supply. So the fact that it feels as though this particular task will take forever may be the reason for its high position on the hate list.


Another household chore that seems to have no finish, ironing is often cited as a pet hate for homeowners. The problem is that most households, no matter what their number of inhabitants, has a high turnover of washing. Just as one batch is ironed, another is emerging from the washing machine while another load is getting ready to take its place. Fabrics which crease easily, such as linen, can make the task even more laborious which is why steam irons and presses are proving increasingly popular.

Washing up

Another strong contender for most hated household chore has to be the washing up. From  crockery and cutlery to cooking utensils and pots and pans, the average household can dirty more than its fair share of kitchen items.

Dishwashers have risen to fame as a great way to overcome the monotony associated with the chore of the washing up but there are still those who prefer the old fashioned approach. Getting to grips with the materials you need for the job (scourers, dish clothes and a decent washing up liquid) can help make the task easier and it is important to consider the draining and drying options you have at your disposal too.

Deriving pleasure from a clean home

It seems then that those tasks we have a realistic chance of completing quickly and efficiently are the chores of choice. We’re more likely to pick up a duster or plug in a carpet cleaner as their completion will provide us with the positive and relatively immediate results we require.