5 simple tips for healthy weight loss that I seem to ignore!

It’s nearly June and not only am I not skinny and svelte but I am pretty sure all these holidays and days out have actually increased my waistline! I really need to do something as my clothes are once again beginning to feel uncomfortable and I don’t want to have to buy more just because I am becoming too lazy to do something about it. Having lost weight previously I know what I have to do and although these things are obvious I find myself not following the advice. Obviously, there are more than 5 tips for losing weight but when I am focused I find these 5 are the ones that have the best results for me.

1) Limited your bread

Not just bread but bagels, crumpets and cereals too. Instead of stuffing my face with toast or a bowl of cereal in the morning a simple swap to yoghurt, fruit or scrambled egg keeps me going without the bloated feeling I get from eating bread. It is hard for the first week but I soon find the cravings stop after that.

2) Lean meat only

It costs more but switching to Lean or preferably extra lean mince makes a huge difference to the fat content of a dish. Low-fat sausages also contain a lot less than their full-fat version and cutting the fat of bacon, pork chops and steak take nothing from the flavour of the meats.

3) Eat more fruit and vegetables

Filling up on fruit and vegetables is a great way of cutting calories and fat and they are fantastic for your energy levels too. Aiming to have two-thirds of what you eat coming from these two food groups is my backbone to eating when trying to lose weight.

4) Drink more water

Being dehydrated is really bad for weight loss and drinking the recommended amount of water is a great way to support weight loss. Most drinks we have in society now tend to dehydrate the body so cutting down on caffeinated and fizzy drinks and replacing them with water is a great start. We also tend to think we are hungry when actually we are thirsty so drinking before eating helps to prevent overeating.

5) Meal planning

One of the worst things about my weight loss is not what is in the cupboards or the fridge but the fact I can’t be bothered to cook. A takeaway is very easy to order in this digital age and with a few clicks on my keyboard and dinner will be on a plate in front of me within the hour. By meal planning, I can choose meals that interest me and make me want to eat them and as long as I keep on top of it and don’t let it get boring this is the biggest way to ensure my weight loss is a success. After all, you don’t plan to eat unhealthy meals.

There are loads more hints and tips floating around the internet including these fantastic diet success tips on the NHS website and there are plenty of weight loss tips on WebMD. CBD oil has also been known to have some great benefits when it comes to weight loss and obesity. From reducing someone’s appetite to increasing the production of fat-burning tissues high-quality CBD oil could make a difference. Of course, if this is a route you want to go down, it’s so important to do your research, ask your doctor, and even read this long post to see if CBD is legal in your country.

It seems that the key to losing weight is just common sense and willpower so why do so many people fail in what should be an easy task? Looking online I found more diets available to try than I can possibly get my head around. From the popular slimming clubs to meal replacement products we are shown that doing these things can lead to results but are they life changes or just fad diets? Will the Dukan diet actually help you keep the weight off long term? Is the Paleo diet doable when you live a busy life and eat on the road? Will the 5:2 diet keep you on track and show good results? These diets work for some people but for others, long term small changes like the ones above could have a more permanent effect.

The problem today is that it is not just these fad diets that rule the media,  there are also miracle products that always seem to be doing the rounds. From weight loss teas to diet pills the internet, magazines and my Facebook timeline seem to be full of them including Vysera CLS which seems to be a popular one at the moment unfortunately not everyone does their research first but you can read the full review here of Vysera CLS on Healthycompare.com,  it doesn’t make for pretty reading. Why do so many people fall for such products? Is paying out money and taking a pill with no clinic evidence more acceptable to people than a bit of willpower and cutting out on the cake?

Now I am the first to admit I would love a magic cure-all pill that made me drop stones overnight and made me into a skinny minny but I also know that it is neither healthy nor possible! I have written about wanting to lose weight before and it is still something I think about on a daily basis I just need to stick with it and stop making excuses for myself. What do you use to motivate you?