How many goals left?

On 13th January I wrote this post about my 13 goals for 2013.

I then completely forgot about it.

I was looking for something earlier, trying to fix some dead links on my blog and I found that post. It made me want to recap on how things are going seen as it was just over 6 months ago that I wrote it.

My goals were

1) Pamper myself –

Well I have had a few chances to do that with trips to the Butlins Spa, a Neals yard massage and facelift and a day of pampering with Next.

2) Visit new places as a family –

It is really hard to just show you a few of the places we have been in the last six months, with a Behind the Scenes look of the new Sealife Centre in Manchester, A day out at Little Fun Fest and a trip over to Hull to visit The Deep is just a few of the adventures we have had. Looking at the calendar there are a lot more to come too.

3) Pay off our overdraft –

I wrote about this last month, the feeling of finally being out of our overdraft was fantastic. we are still hovering near the edge but in a few months we should hopefully be the other way and have some savings instead.

4) Host a free blogging conference – Blog On

Ok so Blog On isn’t free but its not far off. At £10 a ticket and the tickets selling out months in advance Blog On which takes place this Sunday will hopefully be the first of many. I have learnt a lot about hosting a conference and I respect those that do it on a bigger scale so much more. The stress involved in doing this has been more than I expected but if everything goes as well as expected then  I would still be looking at doing it again next year. I have also realised how great the blogging community is with so many bloggers near and far pitching in to help.

5) get to 500 facebook likes and 3000 twitter followers –

Yep this one has been done and I was surprised to see it on my list, was I really that into my stats six months ago? I don’t even remember passing these milestones but I am glad that I did.

6) Try something new and adventurous –

The scariest of all the things I have done this year was speaking at Britmums Live, although Blog On hasn’t taken place yet I know that this will be terrifying too. I also took the girls to London by myself for an overnight stay in a posh hotel and to attend the Moshi Monsters 5th Birthday Party.

7) Visit Santa in Lapland –

Elizabeth and I are down on the list to do this later in the year so I know that this will be achievable

8) Do some volunteer work –

My plans to volunteer in the school never happened when I realised that with my blog, Elizabeth’s care and Blogs Up North I just didnt have time. I have however helped out on all of the school trips including two trips to the farm and one to the beach.

9) Do some exercise with the girls –

My birthday saw my family contribute towards a new bike and with the bicycle trailer attached I used to do the school run. That was until some bugger stole it a few weeks ago.

10) Loose at least 3 stone –

I wish I could tick this one off but at least I am 2/3rds of the way there. I have only one stone left to lose before the end of the year and I know I will do it.

11) Run the 10k in less than an hour –

Ok this is just not going to happen. Although I did the race for life and the Great Manchester 10k the heat and the amount of runners meant that I just didnt stand a chance!

12) Raise over £1000 for charity –

So far this year we have raised £565 for Macmillan for the 10k Run, £310 for Cancer research with Race for Life and we will be raising money for Clic Sargent at Blog On so I hope to reach this target by the end of the month.

13) Fix up some bits around the house –

This is something I have been working on. We fixed up our downstairs bathroom in the Room for Improvement challenge and spent the month of April earning enough money to finally sort out our garden. 

All in all not bad for six months