Guest Post: How to  make your bedroom a safe haven from kids

We all long for a day at the spa, starting with an hour in a lovely, foamy hot tub and followed by a full body massage before ending with a pedicure and manicure. Or how about a night out with the girls? Enjoying a nice meal and catching up on all the missed gossip?

These are all dreams of the working mum but unfortunately reality very rarely matches up. Looking after children and the home is a full-time job and that is why we’re eager to encourage you to enjoy some much needed ‘R and R’ right at home – starting with creating your own safe haven in the bedroom.

We all love our kids to death but that doesn’t mean we want every area of our homes overrun by them. There are simple ways of making your bedroom a child-free sanctuary – and here are just a few examples.

A bed of roses

When you decide the kids are old enough, ditch the easy-to-wash bed covers and mix-and-match colours in favour of a style which reflects who you are. Don’t forget that this room is your refuge. When selecting the fabrics and colours for your bed, make sure you keep this in mind and choose something which caters to your tastes while creating a calming, peaceful environment.

There is such a wide selection of bedding on the market these days that all tastes are catered for. Be it stripes, florals, checks or a timeless plain look, you’ll find everything you need with textures and designs that will transform your bedroom just a shopping trip away.

Make sure you please yourself when it comes to the feel of what’s on your bed too. If you are tired of practical, heavy-duty, child-friendly bedding, maybe now is the time to indulge in soft, fleecy fabrics which you’ll just love to snuggle up in. On the colour front, go whichever way you fancy; dark, pastel or even white!

Tone it down

Once the all-important bedding is sorted, create a delicate, serene atmosphere with subtle lighting that uses well-positioned lamps, spotlights or dimmer switches. Maybe even place a light next to a comfy chair for reading – remember this is your sanctuary so set it up however you see fit.

You may also want to change what’s hanging on the walls – swapping family photos for paintings and prints. Add a few scented candles to the mix for the final touch and sit back and relax in your new bedroom paradise.

This is a guest post submitted on behalf of Sainsbury’s. If you’re looking to transform your bedroom into a sanctuary safe from the disturbing influence of the kids then visit their website today and shop from their sumptuous range of bedding.