Teen beach movie soundtrack


Ok so I dont know if I should admit this because it really won’t help my public image but I love High School Musical. All of them. In fact I am a little bit in love with Zak Effron (my favourite film of his is 17 again). I am a little bit of a musical fan in general and a complete fool for Romantic Comedy films. Hubby despairs at some of the things I put on to watch but it is usually just happy background noise.

I grew up in an era where West Side story, Annie and Guys and Dolls were all the rage for School productions.  I even played a singing chicken in our schools version of Animal Farm.

Nothing can get me singing and bobbing along quite as much as a musical song. I shouldn’t know the words to the High School Musical songs really what with being at least 10 years too old but with the new Teen Beach Movie premiering on Disney Chanel on 19th July I may have already considered recording it.

I was sent the Teen Beach Movie soundtrack and it is as catchy and as upbeat as I expected. I can’t wait to watch the film to see where these fantastic songs fit in. You can see more about Teen Beach Movie on the Disney website including the trailer which tells you all about how two ordinary kids find themselves trapped inside Wet side story, the ultimate love story set in a beautiful beach paradise.