Saving Sundays Week 4

I cant believe we are about to enter week four of September. It seems to have been going by so fast. The biggest surprise is how little money we have spent even when we have had to spend more money than we expected.

With unplanned holidays which bring added expenses, days out and life continuing in the chaotic way that it tends to do when you have young children, I am surprised that we have still managed to save money.

We have had to buy the girls some new clothes this week after realising that they shot up a lot over the summer and their warmer clothes being smaller than we expected. It was funny taking Hubby shopping for the girls.  I took him to Primark and got the girls four pairs of trousers, two tshirts and a jumper each. It came to £54 which is really good and he couldn’t believe it cost that much! I mean what world has he been living in? It shows me that it must have been a long time since he bought any clothes in this house.

One fantastic money saving thing that happened this week was when I organised a hotel review for the night before our Disneyland flight next month. This saved us around £100 and a lot of hassle so is fantastic news for us.

I was at a Savoo Dealpro event yesterday which I will explain in more detail this week but it really did give me a kick up the backside in saving money and also realising where I can make money too.

Have you saved any money this week?