Growing tulips: how to care for these delicate bulbs?

In love with tulips? You’re definitely not the only one. Tulip bulbs are extremely popular worldwide. Tulips normally begin emerging from the ground in the early spring. This means that you’ll have to plant them much earlier. The best time to plant tulip bulbs is in the fall.

Do you really want tulips in your garden? But is this the first time you’re doing this? And are you not sure where to start? Here are all the answers you need!

What is the best moment to plant tulips?

The perfect moment can be different each year. It is important that the ground has not frozen yet. The tulips bulbs must be planted at least six weeks before hard ground-freezing frost. The best time to plant these tulips is different in each area and country. Before planting it is also necessary that the soil had time to cool off from the summer. In some cold areas you can plant tulip bulbs as early as September. In other areas you’ll not be planting till November, December. The bulbs will need time to root themselves. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that planting the tulip bulbs too early can lead to problems as well. Finding the perfect moment to plant tulips will take some of your time, but it will be absolutely worth it.

Sun or shade?

When you’re planting new bulbs, it is necessary to keep in mind that all bulbs come with their own instructions. That’s why it’s important to ask yourself where you need to plant these bulbs for the best results. When we take tulip bulbs as an example, you’ll notice that they need lots of sunlight to flourish. They can only tolerate a little bit of shade. Keep that in mind when you’re finding the right spot to put the bulbs.

Tulips in the spring

Having your heart set on tulips in the spring means that you will be planting in the fall. Some people think planting in the spring is early enough. This will not be effective. Tulip bulbs need cold to grow. They can’t flourish in warm soil. For spring blooms you will need to plant in the fall. If you don’t, there will be another year needed before you can enjoy these beautiful tulips.

Is December too late to plant tulips?

This depends on the climate in the area you live in. In some countries, December, January and even February are warm enough to plant tulips. As long as the soil has not frozen, you are able to plant tulips. If the soil is not yet frozen, you are able to plant all sort of bulbs. From narcissus to tulips. The choice is yours.

What months will they bloom?

Eager to find the beauty of your tulip bulbs? You just need to be a little bit more patient. Dutch tulips will begin blooming as early as March. There are different times for different varieties of course. Some tulips will not bloom till late May. Most tulips have their peak somewhere between late March and April.