Effortless Home Decor For A Fresh And Vibrant Environment

We all daydream about having a vibrant, clean home that boasts modern luxury decor, although every tired mom knows that most interior design trends are not suitable for small children. What’s more, so many decor trends require constant fixing and cleaning and dusting that we don’t have the time for. Rather than longing for an illusively breathtaking home environment, you should consider these effortless home decor ideas that won’t turn your life upside down in terms of housework and being a busy mom.

Add An Elegant Wall Fountain

If your living rooms area seems a bit tired and outdated, there’s no doubt you are wondering how to spruce up the room without indulging in decor that will add chaos. Adding an elegant wall fountain from the Soothing Company or similar decor retailers is an exceptional idea to add vibrance to your living room. There are a ton of designs available, although, it will be best to opt for a simplistic modern design as these will be easier to maintain in terms of home cleaning. In addition to this, it is best to keep your living room decor as simple as possible to aim for a modern minimalist approach that will boast cleanliness and organization without you having to reorganize the room continually.

Less Is More

We’ve all heard the saying ‘less is more’, and the concept rings true when it comes to modern interior design. Opting for the minimalist home design idea does not have to cost you a fortune either, but you will need to invest adequate effort initially. You will need to plan an intense home cleanout and declutter in which you will be able to minimize decor and any extra items lying around your home. The effort may have you realize all you needed was additional storage in various areas of your home, to keep clutter out of sight as well as out of mind.

Plain Is Not Boring

Home decor trends that boast various patterns, textures, and bold colours may seem quite fun at first. Although you will soon realize that these trends can quickly become chaotic; especially if you have active youngsters running around and reorganizing your scatter cushions seven-time an hour. When it comes to effortless decor, plain is always best. Rather than opting for bright, vibrant patterns, you should consider monotones and neutral colour palettes. This will provide your home with a more uniform and flowing appeal that will prove significantly more effortless to keep tidy.

Always Choose Quality Over Quantity

When shopping around for home decor to makeover your home, you may feel lured by low prices that will allow you to buy more. However, quality should never be compromised as quantity enhances the chances of your home appearing overdone and mismatched. Rather than purchasing multiple decor items for each room, it would be best if you focused on functionality first; furnishing your home with easy to clean furnishings that are neutral and modern. When adding decor, opting for centrepiece items that serve as charming accent pieces is best. Therefore, you don’t need all those detailed wall hangers as you can utilize your choice of lighting to add creative vibrance to your home. Considering quality first will also minimize your overall desire to douse each area of your home in odd ornaments and unnecessary decor that will equate to endless effort in terms of household chores.