Mummy me-time: 4 fantastic ideas!

Me-time… it sure sounds wonderful. But the concept can be laughable. Me-time? Okay, great idea. But how? Some days it is even hard to sit down for a second. Let alone plan some well-needed me-time. Luckily, you are not alone in this. There are many mums who struggle with taking tome for themselves and can’t juggle between being themselves or only being mothers. Let’s give you some advice: me-time is necessary, it’s needed to be a happier and healthier mum. Check out the following 4 ideas and create a little bit me-time. You won’t regret it!

1. Using sex toys

Having sex is very much overrated when you become a mum. After having children, sex will become your least priority. When you finally can go to bed, you’ll fall in sleep in a split second. Lots of sexy time with your partner is an illusion. Nevertheless, it is important to enjoy your own body. Having an orgasm has lots of benefits. You’ll feel happy, rested and focussed. Furthermore, it won’t take a lot of your time. Children in bed? Then take your sex toys and enjoy yourself. You’ll feel much better afterwards. Believe us.

2. Listen to books

Who has time to read? Before you had kids, you were in love with books. Each day you had time to read a few chapters. After having kids you’re already happy when you can read an article in a magazine or flyer. Luckily there is a solution. Listening to books is the next best thing and this is easy to do when you’re folding the laundry, walking the dog or cooking. You can also listen to audio-books in bed or in the car. Lots of opportunities to be guided through your own imagination. Audio-books are perfect to create a little bit of me-time.

3. Phone a friend

Many days with young children and no contact with adults will leave its traces on you. Before you know it, you’ll become lonely. You can’t discuss the things you wanted with your children. Speaking with your partner or friends is highly necessary to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed. Pick one evening a week, after the kids have gone to bed, to catch up on the phone with your best friend. Just to say: “I’m tired, exhausted, I don’t know what to do anymore. I miss you.” You’re are not alone in this. Just try to ask for help. Saying these things will have a huge effect on your state of mind. No solutions, just talking.

4. Romantic evening

It’s never too late for a little bit of romance. Whether you’re single or not. A little bit of romance is always possible. Tuck the kids in bed. Cook your favourite meal and enjoy time alone or time with your partner. Are you single? No problem. A little bit self-love is all you need. Go to bed early, get some sex toys for women and enjoy yourself.  Enjoying me-time is easier than you think!