Leapfrog Touch Magic Bus

Its not often I copy things from a press release but this one really does explain all the fab features about the Touch Magic Bus so here goes.

The Touch Magic™ Learning Bus encourages preschoolers to get set for school with all their favourite animal friends. Created for children aged two years and up, this interactive toy brings the familiar icon of a red school bus together with touch based technology, allowing children to begin their learning journey. This colourful bus, priced at RRP £19.99, is a unique and innovative touch sensitive toy that reacts to every tap, slide and touch, featuring more than 200 learning and musical activities from 40 touch points that come alive to reveal fun and stimulating responses. With three different learning modes, children can experience music and educational gameplay at their fingertips. The Learning Bus takes children on a musical journey with classic songs including Wheels on the Bus, ABC song and the original Rockin’ School Bus song. Using UK phonics, children can also explore all the letters of the alphabet in lowercase to coincide with the UK literacy curriculum.

So what did we enjoy about the bus? Well we love the fact that there is no buttons on this, the touch magic technology is really good and the bus is also really thin which is great for packing it into the car or even into a bag for a day trip out. We took it into the hospital with us and it fitted into one of the hospital drawers quite nicely without taking up loads of room. One of the things that I really like about the Leapfrog learning toys is that they manage to use the correct phonics sounds which is unusual for toys.

One thing I would have liked to have seen is a volumn control option so that it could be turned down or up depending on where you are using it.