Great British Tennis Weekend 16th and 17th July #GBTW

Seen as Andy Murray has now been crowned the champion of Wimbledon 2016 there is a whole host of people up and down the country who are currently interested in tennis and that makes it the perfect time to get outside and try the sport for yourself for free. Next weekend is the Great British Tennis Weekend, where tennis centres, community centres and parks across the country help people to get together and learn some new skills.

After the girls tennis lessons a few months ago they have shown a real passion for the sport and we have even been watching Wimbledon for the first time ever this weekend. Tennis is a sport that is so accessible with equipment not costing very much and families being able to play together.

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To help celebrate the Great British Tennis Weekend there will be thousands of free events taking place throughout the summer all across the country. Whether you love playing tennis or have never picked up a racket before it is a great chance to get outdoors and have a go. Rackets and balls will be provided at the events so all you have to do is turn up in suitable clothing and give it a go.

There are a variety of different types of sessions which include Highland Spring Mini Tennis sessions, family time, free play, Cardio Tennis and numerous other kinds of activities to get involved in. The activities will take place on weekends throughout the summer, but most of them will take place on 16th/17th July.

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Both of the girls have asked if we can sign up to take part in one of the events next weekend and there are absolutely loads to choose from near us in Manchester. The events are not just for kids or families as there are some great sessions that are aimed at adults including both beginner and more advanced sessions.

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I’m working with the Lawn Tennis Association on their #GBTW campaign so whether the sun is shining or not, get your trainers on and get outdoors to take part in this classic British past time.  Sign up for your FREE tennis activity here

6 thoughts on “Great British Tennis Weekend 16th and 17th July #GBTW”

  1. Brilliant photos! Fantastic that families can enjoy free tennis sessions. I love any activity that encourages the kids to get outside more #GBTW

  2. It is so refreshing to have a British winner at Wimbledon at last! And i love how he will inspire so many kids to have a go at tennis, like your girls (and my boys!) x

  3. Andy Murray has really inspired a generation that they might just be able to make it to Wimbledon too

  4. I’m so delighted that Andy Murray has won Wimbledon! I watched him at the Davis Cup just a few months ago – a great player. I think you are right, all this interest in tennis plus the #GBTW project will certainly get more kids involved in the sport. I hope your daughters continue to love it!

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