Less than three weeks to go before Camp Bestival

I can’t believe that we will be camping in a field and enjoying the atmosphere of Camp Bestival in less than three weeks! Let’s just hope that the weather starts to dry up so that we can enjoy the festive experience in the sunshine.

Camp Bestival Space

The fact that it has come around so quickly has really crept up on me and I am not organised at all. Our tent has been in the loft since the last Camp Bestival and I really need to get it all down and check that we have everything we need. I remember after the last one that we do need to remember pillows and Hubby wants a warmer sleeping bag because the nights did get cold. We also had no cooking facilities at all last time which meant I went on a mission to find coffee each morning which was harder than I thought it would be.

As well as making sure we have everything we need for a comfortable festival experience I need to start thinking about what we want to do whilst we are there. There is always so many amazing things to see and do that we would not be able to fit it all in so it is really important that each of us thinks of the few things we really want to do and we work out a way of making sure we get to do them. I sat down with the rest of the family last night to plan our weekend.

Elizabeth’s top three things she wants to do

Dick and Dom – We have seen them lots of times and they never fail to make us laugh and get the crowd involved.

The Science Museum – Elizabeth had great fun in the science tent last year so she has put this on her must-visit list.

Longdown Festival Farm Petting Zoo – Cuddles with cute animals, what more do you need.

camp bestival science

Alison’s top three things she wants to do

Aliens in Underpants – This is a theatre production on the main stage and Alison loves watching theatre shows so this is top of her list

Dingly Dell (and Lizzie’s Way) – Last year Alison spent ages playing in the Mud Cafe and it was an amazing thing to watch, she can’t wait to go back.

National Trust 50 things meadow – Get hands on, get mucky, climb trees and roll down hills. This is the perfect place for Alison.

Camp Bestival Lizzies Way

Hubby’s Top three things he wants to do

The Worlds biggest bouncy castle – I mean it is not often us grown ups get to have a go on a bouncy castle, is it?

Pimp my Trolley – Hubby absolutely loved getting creative with the kids last year to create a fabulous roof for our festival trolley

Mr Motivator – Ok so he didn’t choose that one but what better way to start your day 🙂

camp bestival pimp my trolley

My Top three things I want to do

The Scummy Mummies Show – This fabulous comedy duo help you feel that motherhood can be coped with as long as you have wine. They find the hilarious in the worst parenting situations and it’s brilliant.

The secret mummies wine club with Sara Cox – The Scummy Mummies, free wine and a celebrity too what more do you want. Watch out though because it is limited tickets so sign up now!

How to Spice yourself Slim with Kalpna Woolf – I love learning new cooking techniques and cooking myself slim sounds like a great thing to learn.

camp bestival scummy mummies

There are so many amazing things to see and do too that I know that the days will just be full of adventures and with the feast collective to eat our way through as well we will be entertained and well fed.

To find out more about Camp Bestival and the lineup visit www.campbestival.net