Getting the adrenaline going

I love winning, feeling my heart pumping faster as I get close is almost as good as how I feel after going to the gym but without the aching muscles. I know a lot of people might not agree with me but I absolutely love playing bingo online.
OK I know it is gambling but I really enjoy Bingo and I miss have the opportunity to go along to my local bingo hall for a bit of light hearted fun. I have never played bingo for the winnings but it does always give you a warm fuzzy feeling when you do win. 

Although playing on an online bingo site isn’t quite the same you can still have fun in the chat rooms and I have met quite a few lovely people that I enjoy talking too. I obviously don’t have money to throw away so I like to play the cheap 10p a ticket games. The jackpots are smaller but you still get the fun and adrenaline that comes from playing.

I am not overly loyal to a particular bingo site and like to google to find more bingo sites particularly those with special offers on and give you free money to play with. There are new sites opening all the time so there is always another site with another offer that can help your money go even further.

Do you have a guilty pleasure like online bingo? or maybe you play the national lottery instead? I definitely prefer the more instant gratification and the adrenaline that pumps when I am only 1 number away, even if I only won £3.33.