Games to Pass the Time Whilst Your Kids are Sleeping

We all know how tiring looking after kids can be. Sometimes it’s nice to just get a break when your kids finally get to sleep. If you’re looking for a way to distress, unwind and relax as your kids sleep, we’ve got the perfect guide for you! Read on to find out about some of the best games you can play to pass the time and relax at the end of the day.

Puzzle Games

From classics like crosswords and Sudoku to more modern games like “The Witness”, the puzzle game genre is full of brilliant games that can pass the time whilst also giving your brain a bit of a workout.

Although not for everyone, Sudoku started a craze that swept through the UK more than ten years ago. The Japanese puzzle involves trying to solve a nine by nine grid in a way that no two numbers appear in the same row, column or three by three box. No matter how experienced in Sudoku you are, there are different levels of difficulties for all players. You can play sudoku and many other free games online.

The Witness is a hit puzzle and exploring game which combines amazing graphics and storytelling with interesting and unique puzzles. Playable on laptops, games consoles and some tablets, you can get immersed in the explorable world and enjoy the puzzles for hours on end.

Online gambling

Online gambling is a great way to get some thrills and blow off steam after a long day. We all love to play a bit of bingo and lots of online sites offer both bingo and classic casinos games. You’ll be able to enjoy games like Blackjack and Roulette.

Online casinos also offer the chance to play hundreds of different exciting slot games. Some of the latest games even use high-quality animations and 3D graphics to make them more fun than ever!

If you’re worried about risking your own money, don’t worry, a lot of sites will let you try out the slots for free on demo versions. If you want to play the real thing, you can also usually get a bonus to play with when you first sign up. 32red Casino promotions include a 150% bonus on your first deposit, up to £150. That means just by depositing £100, you can claim £150 in free cash!

Mobile Games

Gone are the days when you’d need an expensive games console or high-end computer to enjoy the latest games. These days, you can find a brilliant selection of top games to play on your mobile. Not only do a lot of great games work perfectly on your mobile or tablet, but you’ll also be able to take them wherever you go.

Check the app store or Google Play store on your phone to search for the latest games. You’ll be able to find all kinds of games including favourite classics such as Tetris, Candy Crush, Chess and many more.

Just make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi when downloading an installing the game otherwise you can use up a lot of mobile data.