Create ambience in any room with these simple interior design tips

Defined in the dictionary as “the character and atmosphere of a place”, the ambience is more than just a fleeting sense of peace. When applied to interior design, it is a combination of colour, style, comfort and sensation that’s unique to you as a person.

Too often, the ambience is considered to be a general, one-size-fits-all concept – but that’s simply not the case. Here are several interior design tips to make your own for your personal definition of ambient space.

Illuminating your space and soul

Before you start thinking about music, scented candles, Himalayan salt lamps and geometric patterns, focus on this essential element of any room. Too often overlooked, and not just in creating ambient environments, how the room is lit defines how you see it.

Research estimates that between 80 and 85 per cent of our perception is visual, so choose the right lighting scheme to design your ambient interior around. For an abundance of excellent living room ceiling light ideas, check out the astonishing range of options offered by Pagazzi.

The psychology of colour

No doubt you’ve already got a colour scheme in mind for your ambient interior. However, don’t underestimate the power of colour on our cognition, either. The Telegraph report that, by understanding the psychology of colour, we can apply it beneficially in our interiors.

Green is identified as the most restful colour, while red is known to ‘get the blood pumping’. If this information is, excuse the hue-related pun, in contrast to your own desired colour schemes, then do opt for colours that you know help you to relax. After all, the ambience is something we each understand on a personal level, primarily.

Get a feeling for texture

Unless ambience to you means minimalism, then don’t underestimate the impact of texture in your interior design. Adding texture in the form of faux furs, plants, wools, woods and cushions adds depth to the room – without having to overload it with different colours.

This works especially well if the colour scheme you opt for is quite neutral, and adds an abundance of instant comfort to any room. It also allows you to experiment with additional decorations and accessories over time, keeping your ambient room fresh and contemporary as well as calm and relaxing.

Embrace your architecture

This clever trick (another one from the lighting faculty), involves accentuating certain elements of the room. If you’ve added a bookcase, for instance, install extra lighting at the front or back of the shelves. Similarly, you can highlight the frames of doors and light up coffee tables, entertainment units, and skirting boards with a warm, satisfying glow.

The result is that you don’t always need to have the room lit by a bright lamp or ceiling light, and can instead enjoy this lazy detail lighting when you need a break from the bright, bustling world outside.

Accessorise for ultimate ambience

Finally, with all of this in place, you can add the crucial details that will make your ambient environment entirely yours. Will it be a fluffy rug to lie on? Blankets to curl up in? An array of delicately scented candles and oils?

Whatever you consider being ambient, you can load your room with such subtle touches that resonate with you and you alone. Whether it’s your personal retreat or a room to enjoy with others, it will now be an atmosphere resplendent with your own character – the very definition of ambience in your home.