Free games to distract and entertain you

I don’t know about you but the world is looking pretty bleak to me right now and I find myself needing a distraction more than ever. When it comes to keeping myself distracted I enjoy playing free games online. As much as I am loving the current Wordle trend but it never takes up that much of my day so I am always looking for something else to distract and entertain me, especially when I am trying to avoid the news or work. Recently I have been using this great site called that has a great range of free games ranging from logic games to observation games. Whether you are looking for classic online puzzle games such as sudoku, minesweeper and solitaire or if you are after something a little bit different then they have the perfect game for you and there are no adverts, just great games that are free to play! Below I will share with you my top 5 games that I use to distract myself and probably procrastinate a little bit too much.


Spades is a trick-taking card game where the spade suit is always the trump suit, making its cards the most powerful for taking tricks. Typically played by four players in fixed partnerships, the objective is to accurately bid the number of tricks your partnership will take, and then to fulfill that bid in the course of play. Online Spades feature a convenient single player mode, as well as helpful guides explaining the rules of spades.

Letter Scramble

Using the letters that are released you need to quickly create 20 words in the first round with each of the three rounds getting harder as you need to then find 30 and finally 40 words in the set time. Thinking on your feet, this is a game of speed, observation and a test of your vocabulary. You can opt for shortest words but you gain more points for longer words as well as points for your remaining time. You can type the words on your keyboard or use your mouse to click on the tiles but typing them is a lot quicker for me. Just make sure you have the letter tiles available otherwise it won’t let you submit the word.

Letter Logic

Another great word game but one that isn’t too difficult is Letter Logic. Using the list of words provided you need to fit them into the crossword grid. You only get one letter to start but with a bit of logic you can work out where to start. This game is a lot more relaxing than the Letter Scramble so if you are looking for something more relaxing then try this one instead.


A slow-paced logic game, Bridges is a simple concept for a game but one that provides a great distraction and you really need to concentrate. Connect the numbers using horizontal or vertical lines. Each numbered circle can only have that amount of connections and you can have zero, one or two bridges between each number. You can play at a variety of levels and there is a new puzzle each day. If you did want to keep playing just click on the date and select a new date to play.

Mahjong – Panda

Mahjong is a great game for relaxing and have a variety of Mahjong games to choose from. I really enjoy Mahjong panda as it has 50 levels and some super cute panda tiles. The backgrounds on each level change to show various places around the world which helps to keep it interesting.

Hidden Object – Princess

I love hidden object games but this one is quite challenging. You only have 30 clicks to begin with and as you can see you need to find 125 items. Each time you complete a set you gain more clicks so you need to plan this carefully. Start with the items where you need to find the least number of objects and go from there. Try not to get distracted by the other items as this is as much about strategy as it is about finding the items. If you wanted to play some easier hidden object games then they have those available on the site as well but if you like a challenge I think this is the hardest one.

So there you have it 5 fun free games that will keep you entertained and distracted from the world around you. If these ones didn’t interest you then check out some of the other free games on as there will definitely be something to suit your mood.