Fraser Bear’s Snow story with a very special ending.

House of Fraser have a very special friend this year called Fraser Bear and we have been challenged to finish his very special story for the chance to win £250 worth of House of Fraser vouchers.

The girls loved this story and Elizabeth had a great time adding in some extra pages of the story. 

I was amazed at Elizabeth’s ideas and she asked me to fill in the writing on her pictures. She even dictated what I had to write.
Elizabeth said that there is nothing quite as amazing as snow itself so the best thing for Fraser Bear to do would be to make it snow so he could play with his little brother. She said that wishing for something to do together is better than wishing for a new toy for Santa. I was very impressed with her grown up attitude until I asked if she would wish for snow instead of a toy and she said “don’t be silly!”

I am looking forward to seeing all the other story entries.