Magical Orlando Tag with #FloridaTixTag

I love a good meme and we have all done the introduce yourself ones but this one is slightly different and for that I absolutely love it. The lovely people over at have set us a blogger challenge to answer 8 questions about ourselves based on the wonderful attractions that can be found in Florida.

1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

I think I would be a Ravenclaw, I am not brave enough for Gryffindor, I am not evil enough for Slytherin but I am fairly smart, in fact I am a bit of a clever clogs so would fit with Ravenclaw. I suppose I could also be a Hufflepuff as I am very friendly but to me they seem a bit non descript as far as characters go.

2. Name a Disney character you’d like to have dinner with.

Well if it was the character who was cooking the dinner then it would have to Tiana as her cooking looks amazing or maybe Remy after all his Ratatouille should be delicious. However if it was for the conversation then I would love to sit and talk to the Mad Hatter, I have no idea where that conversation would take us but I can imagine it would be quite a journey. 
3. Which Marvel superhero power would you choose?

Superhero powers are all well and good but really as a mum we have some pretty awesome super powers as it is the ability to heal with a single kiss, superhuman senses to know what is happening where and super human patience although I don’t know a superhero with that one, it could be pretty boring with the just waiting for the bad guy to stop being naughty.

However if pushed there are a few superhero powers I wouldn’t mind utilising in daily life after all teleportation would make the school run or commuting in London a lot more pleasant. Using Telepathy to actually work out what the kids want for dinner when they say they are hungry or to find out what is wrong when someone says “nothing” would make life a lot easier. Clairvoyance would certainly help to prevent any accidents or mishaps and doubling would make my to do list go down quite a bit. The thing I would most like is Shapeshifting, after all if I can make myself skinnier just by thinking about it then I could go and eat that amazing bit of cake that is sat in the fridge tormenting me.

4. If you could bring back one dinosaur breed from Jurassic Park, which would it be?

Now this is a tricky one, I mean I don’t want to unleash the crazy into the world but then what is the point of a dinosaur if you can’t get it to kill all the politicians, lawyers and the people you don’t like? I think I would bring back the baby Velociraptors but I would mother it and train it to kill on demand. Now that would be pretty awesome. I wonder if I could get it to do other tricks too like opening cans with its giant nails?

5. You can ride a dragon at the Triwizard Tournament and visit the Owlery at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but where else would you go on a school trip to Hogsmeade?

Now I am not denying that I like a good drink but that isn’t why I would head to the Three Broomsticks Tavern, I want to try the Strawberry and Peanut Butter Ice Cream. It sounds delicious. Mind you I wouldn’t mind sampling the delights in the Hogs Head pub either especially to sample the selection of domestic and imported beers or maybe even the
Hog’s Head Brew.

6. A scene in any Disney, Harry Potter or Marvel movie you wish you could experience?

I am sure these questions are getting harder as I go along, there are so many amazing moments in so many of these movies. I certainly wouldn’t mind being the nurse in Captain America or in fact anyone who gets to see the Cap without his clothes on but if we are leaving the smut behind then I would have loved to have been there to see Professor Umbridge’s face when she was chased by Fred and George Weasleys firework dragon although I wouldn’t have minded joining Jack Skellington for his Halloween party, after all no one can organise Halloween quite as well as Jack.

7. Name one item from any Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel movie would you want for Christmas.

Another tricky question, as I am quite a Harry Potter fan I can name lots of items from the magical world that can make my life easier including Mrs Weasleys self stirring pans to help me cook dinner, the quick quotes quill to help me to write blog posts faster,  a broomstick just because it would be awesome to fly and of course the invisibility cloak so I can sneak into the kitchen for more beer and cake, after all I have the shape shifting power to protect my figure right? However as I can only have one then it would have to be the Elder Wand so I can be all powerful and take over the world . . . umm I mean so I can bring about world peace.

8. Name one unforgettable experience/moment you’ve had at the Orlando Parks. (if you haven’t been just tell us which park you’d like to go to!)

We have yet to visit Orlando although it is part of our plans for next year and I look forward to creating not just one unforgettable moment but hundreds of them as we experience the wonders of all the amazing theme parks and attractions that Orlando has to offer. The one I am looking forward to most has to be the wizarding World of Harry Potter as we are all huge fans and I know we could spend hours just looking at the set up of it all.

I am tagging the following bloggers to take part in the #FloridaTixTag don’t forget to read the post for terms and conditions and if you are a blogger why not join in too. I look forward to reading your answers.

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